About podcasting

To listen to a CPD Online podcast, you can either:


  • manually visit the podcast page, select a podcast and download it to your computer


  • subscribe to a 'podcatcher'


  • subscribe on iTunes (for iOS users).


To download a podcast manually, click on the 'Download' link underneath the podcast title, and choose the 'Open' option in the dialog box. The file should then be loaded and played by your computer's default audio software. Alternatively, you can save the file to listen to later.


Various types of 'podcatchers' or RSS readers, freely available online or to download, allow you to subscribe to the podcasts through a podcatcher 'library'.


Every time a new podcast is published, this library is automatically updated, without the need for you to revisit or keep an eye on the CPD Online website itself.


Subscribing is completely free, and you can cancel at any time. Links to some podcatchers are given at the bottom of the CPD Online podcast page.


Once you have set up your podcatcher, you will need to 'subscribe' to our podcast feed. How this is done depends on your particular software, but usually there is a button saying 'Add' or 'Subscribe'. You will need to enter the relevant URL address (given at the bottom of the CPD Online podcast page). Your software then automatically checks for updates, and will download any new podcasts it finds.


NB. Please always read the set-up and help guides. The Royal College of Psychiatrists is not responsible for the content of any external websites, or programs contained within them.

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