Module updates programme

One of the aspects of CPD Online that we pride ourselves on is that it really is an up-to-date resource. We ask authors to review and update their modules regularly.


Over the past 18 months we have had a real drive to get material updated and keep it topical. We are pleased to report that around two-thirds of our 223 live modules have been updated/reviewed or newly published within the past 2 years.


Where else can you find this level of up-to-date and peer-reviewed learning at your fingertips? Read the other benefits you get from CPD Online.





  1. Sustainability: a key concept in leadership and service development

  2. Question writing for MRCPsych papers A and B

  3. Advance decisions in psychiatry: England and Wales

  4. Assessment and management of obsessive-compulsive disorder: Part 1 and Part 2

  5. Recognising autism spectrum disorders in children with normal-range intelligence

  6. Mental Health Act 1983: Criteria for detention and Mental Health Act 1983: Safeguards (England)

  7. Quickbite: Monitoring and managing the renal adverse effects of lithium

  8. Alternatives to acute admission: crisis resolution and home treatment

  9. Huntington's disease

  10. Technology, social media and mental health: Part 1 and Part 2


Last updated: 24 November 2020

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