Teaching clinical skills

by Professor Nisha Dogra and Dr Khalid Karim


Last reviewed: September 2018


Over the past two decades there have been some major changes in both undergraduate and postgraduate medical education. In both spheres, attempts have been made to clarify the purpose of training and develop specific outcomes that can be measured and assessed at exit points.


However, much of the training that students and trainee doctors receive is delivered by practising clinicians who may have no formal educational role, and the quality assurance mechanisms in place to check the clinical training delivered are sparse.


This module is designed to support clinical teachers to develop more interactive and engaging teaching styles. Although we focus on the teaching of medical students, many of the points and principles will apply to any form of clinical training. 


We hope that the module will enable you to be more creative in how you teach medical students, and that you will go on to find clinical teaching more rewarding. You may find it useful to work through the module with your peer group, as this will enable you to share ideas and benefit from each other’s experiences.


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