Subscription benefits

We are pleased to offer a selection of free modules for those without a paid subscription, but to enjoy full access to our continually updated website and take advantage of new learning modules you must have an up-to-date subscription.


A subscription to CPD Online will allow you to:


access our increasing number of learning modules and podcasts 

◾ gain up to 25 hours of core learning for CPD in the UK

◾ have a cost-effective way to gain half of your annual CPD requirement

◾ access mobile-responsive learning to fit around your timetable

◾ track your progress and store all of your certificates of completion in 'My CPD Online'

◾ print out a certificate for each successfully completed module

◾ jot down your reflective notes in the Notebook as you go through the modules and save them in your personal area, 'My CPD Online'

◾ measure your understanding and engage with interactive activities and tests, audio and video

◾ access a trusted source of up-to-date information on the latest research and developments in academic and clinical best practice

◾ share the knowledge and experience of experts in their field to encourage collaborative learning

◾ access signposts for further study with links to other relevant journal articles, references, resources and events

◾ subscribe to the British Association for Psychopharmacology's (BAP's) Online CPD resource for a heavily discounted rate of £30 (see your 'My CPD Online' to do this).



During the pandemic, there will be no limit on eLearning that can be counted for CPD; it will be possible for ALL 50 CREDITS to be obtained in this way.



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