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Educational feature:

Tailoring information

By Dr Stuart Leask, CPD Online Editor


Measuring tape

There are many sophisticated assistants out there on the internet. My daughter’s French teacher accused one of her pupils of using Google Translate to do their homework, a translation from English to French. The child was outraged, and demanded to know how the teacher could assume such a thing, let alone accuse them of it. The teacher kept their cool: ‘Well, firstly, the passage you’ve submitted is in Spanish…’


As with DIY, a power tool in the hands of the uninformed merely allows us to make a mess of things faster. Here at CPD Online we are all too aware that access to information is no longer the challenge. Instead, we support senior clinicians with years of experience in presenting what they have learnt about a field, in an interesting and engaging manner, encouraging them to go beyond stating what is in every textbook to describe how they apply this in practice, in a complex and varied world.


Recent modules include the topics Minimising in-patient suicides and Time management for psychiatrists. Neither of these are areas in which there is a single correct strategy, and both require reflection, tailoring what is known to one’s professional setting. I hope they are both stimulating and ultimately useful, since improvements in either area should contribute to our ultimate shared goal of improved patient care.



New module:




This comprehensive module will give you a good background of the basics of balance and phenomenology of dizziness, aid you in examining the patient, and enable you to make decisions to best help those experiencing psychiatric dizziness.


Combating stigma


Combating stigma [Fully updated and revised by the authors July 2015]

Stigma and discrimination against people with mental illness have been public health challenges for many years and continue to be a threat to the well-being and life satisfaction of people with mental illness. This module looks at the impact of stigma and discrimination on the public and private lives of people with mental illness, and at what psychiatrists and others can do to reduce stigma.

Bereavement   Bereavement [Fully updated and revised by the author July 2015]

This module will help you identify those at risk of poor psychological outcome as a result of bereavement and the interventions that can reduce that risk. Gain confidence in discussing the causes of physical and psychological ill health and increased mortality associated with bereavement, learn about prolonged grief disorder, and understand the current theories of bereavement and its consequences.

New podcast:

What can zombies teach us about neuroscience?

Timothy Versynen talks to Raj Persaud about what zombies can teach us about the human brain.

Forthcoming modules:

Children’s mental health within Scottish legislation

Patient safety in mental health: CCQI module 4

Psychedelic drug therapy in psychiatry

Leadership and management series: Part 3 – pragmatic leadership in teams and groups



New from BJPsych Advances:



Serotonin   Serotonin syndrome: a spectrum of toxicity

Serotonin syndrome (serotonin toxicity or serotonin toxidrome) is a potentially serious but predictable reaction that might be missed in practice. Rabia Ellahi's article considers the clinical presentation of the syndrome, diagnostic criteria and the multiple pathways that may contribute to its development, with particular emphasis on the cytochrome P450 enzyme system.



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