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Educational feature:

Cast your net wide, by Dr Liz Hare, CPD Online Editor

Cast your net wide


I’ve a confession to make. I have always had a bit of an issue with planning my CPD. I know I’m supposed to do it both in appraisal and with my peer group, but the truth is that some of the most important things I have learned have been through Serendipity. This has included listening to programmes on the radio, having conversations over lunch with my colleagues, and flicking through journals in the days before the Internet. In any case, most of us draft PDPs which concentrate on our main work’s tasks while keeping options open by having general aims.


The problem is with the unknown unknowns: you might retain big gaps in your knowledge if you don’t spread your gaze beyond the core business. I have to say that being privileged to read all our modules at the draft stage has thrown up important topics for me before I had perceived a need; for example, obtaining ECGs before starting antipsychotics, considering what constitutes spirituality, and being proactive in testing for blood-borne viruses in newly admitted patients.


I’m very proud of the breadth of topics that CPD Online offers in its modules and podcasts and would encourage you all to try a topic a bit out of your usual sphere. You may not remember all the details, but a new idea may take root to help move your practice forward. What’s more, one of the modules currently in the pipeline is concerned with how to compose a CPD plan, so I can hope to get better at that too.


New modules:


Safe and effective opiate replacement therapy

Understanding and safely managing paranoid personality disorder    Understanding and safely managing paranoid personality disorder
How patient centred are you?   How patient-centred are you? Shared decision-making in psychiatric practice

Do you offer shared decision-making in your care of patients? Increase your understanding of how your patients view their care and improve your relationship with them.


CPD Online Advisory Board’s top picks

Dr Stuart Leask, Deputy Editor, recommends his favourite CPD Online material


Module: Physical healthcare in severe mental illness

We’re all being made increasingly aware of the physical health needs of our patients with long-term mental illnesses, perhaps best summed up in the statistic that currently they die – on average – a couple of decades before the general population. This module, as well as presenting this complex area in a structured, easy-to-digest format, also provides several opportunities to reflect upon the barriers to reversing this trend. I suspect none of us know how to do it right yet, and I valued the chance to consider the (physical) issues in the context of my clinical (psychiatric) practice.

Podcast: Crow and Murray: the nature and history of psychosis

This is a fascinating listen for anybody trying to help patients with psychosis. For decades, conference attendees have enjoyed incisive and well-informed debates/clashes across the floor between these two world-class researchers on the issues of the day. I found that hearing them reflect upon the last forty years of psychosis research, what happened to major areas as evidence came in, and where things are leading, was surprisingly relevant to me as a clinician, as well as being of interest to me as a researcher. Research tends to be highly specialised, and there can be a tendency to only hear a defence of the researcher’s last major grant(!); perspective on the field as a whole is harder to come by, and this series of podcasts undoubtedly delivers.



Forthcoming modules:

Asking for a psychodynamic psychotherapy opinion in general psychiatry 

The pharmacological management of mania

Language and deafness in mental health

Psychotropic medication in breastfeeding


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