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Educational feature:

Quality: A street map for the future?

By Dr Nhishanth Gurunathan, CPD Online Trainee Editor


‘We must have an unwavering, unrelenting, unprecedented focus on quality.’

QualityRt Hon Alan Johnson, 30 June 2008 (Commons Select Committee for Health)


As clinicians, I am sure you will be as familiar as I am with the former Secretary of State for Health’s vision for the NHS in 2008. Indeed, the drive to improve quality in health care is as valid now as it was then. As psychiatric services try to provide a high standard of service in difficult economic circumstances, ensuring quality and quality improvement only continues to gain in importance.


Improving quality might be a very intuitive concept, but how does one define quality? In 2008, the Department of Health published its new policy, ‘High Quality Care For All: NHS Next Stage Review Final Report’ (2008). In it its author, Lord Darzi of Denham, wrote, ‘We need to continue the NHS journey of improvements and move from an NHS that has rightly focused on increasing the quantity of care to one that focuses on improving the quality of care.’ Within this context, he defines quality as care which is '...clinically effective, personal and safe.' His use of the word personal has been commonly accepted as referring to the individual patient experience.


At CPD Online, we recognise the need for psychiatrists to demonstrate leadership in improving the quality of their own services. Therefore, we have teamed up with the College Centre for Quality Improvement (CCQI) to develop a learning programme for psychiatrists and other health care professionals. To date, we have published two modules in the series of modules covering quality, standards and clinical audit. Why not try our module on Clinical audit in mental health practice, or our module on Quality indicators and quality improvement methods? You might just be inspired to think of new ways in which you can improve the quality of patient care that you provide.


New modules:


Practical child protection

  Practical child protection
Since the death of Victoria Climbié in 2000, new child protection guidance has been issued emphasising effective communication by medical staff with other agencies. Gain the skills and knowledge required to identify, present solutions for and work effectively with children at risk.
Overvalued ideas   Quickbite: Overvalued ideas: a lost concept?
There has been renewed interest recently in the concept of the overvalued idea, particularly in relation to the classification of certain disorders as delusional or non-delusional. This module outlines the various theories proposed and applies them to body dysmorphic disorder and olfactory reference syndrome.
Teaching clinical skills    Teaching clinical skills 



GHB: what psychiatrists need to know

Psychiatric aspects of homicide


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