CPD Online eNewsletter December 2010

Welcome to the December 2010 eNewsletter for CPD Online, the e-learning resource for mental health professionals from the Royal College of Psychiatrists.


Educational feature:

The gift of knowledge, by Dr Liz Hare

The end of the year is traditionally a time for gift giving, but with people in the developed world already having an excess of belongings, coming up with good ideas can be hard going.

An education is said to be a prize possession that you can’t have stolen from you, but it is not simple to give or indeed buy. Making space in your schedule and making new information stick requires effort, and, as the more senior among you may have noticed, this doesn’t get easier as the years roll by.

So how can you make the most of your CPD time? Motivation is important, so picking a module or podcast that addresses a current problem is likely to have an impact. Conversely, trying a topic well away from your core duties can also be worthwhile because the novelty will hold your interest and might prove useful in unforeseen ways. The important thing is to keep learning.


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Top Tip:

There is nothing more frustrating than getting to annual CPD submission time and finding that a CPD Online certificate for that module you once did with a 100% pass rate hasn’t been saved to your My CPD area, and there is no trace of it in your emails. So, whatever you do, when you achieve 100% in a module or podcast test complete the instructions on-screen to ensure a certificate is generated and sent to you immediately. This will also ensure the certificate is filed to your My CPD area for later access. Further help on generating the certificate can also be found on our Frequently asked questions page.


Latest CPD Online modules:

Learner-centred teaching: Part 1

Current teaching in psychiatry must facilitate self-directed learning and motivate trainees and students to engage in lifelong study. Find out how you can do this here. Part 2 of the module explores problem-based learning, an inquiry-based learning method that is increasingly becoming the educational method of choice.

 Depression in children and adolescents: Part 2

Depression in children and adolescents

Depression in the young can have a huge impact in both childhood and later life, yet detection rates are disappointing and treatments can be ineffective. How can we improve our service? This module has the answers. Part 2 explores management and treatments in greater detail.


Forthcoming modules:

Alcohol and the brain

Mental health tribunals and the law

Taking a general medical history alongside a psychiatric history


Latest CPD Online podcast:


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