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Refresh your knowledge with our new 30-minute modules – CPD Online is pleased to introduce a new format of learning module: Quickbites. These short modules take an estimated 30 minutes to complete, and each one will contribute 0.5 credits towards your annual CPD requirement. Each Quickbite module contains the same high-quality material and interactive elements that you would expect from a standard CPD Online module, but the shorter length makes them a great way to learn the basics of a new topic or improve your existing knowledge of a subject area. Do them on the train, during your lunch break, or between appointments.


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The hurrier I go, the behinder I get

Dr Nhishanth Gurunathan, CPD Online Trainee EditorBusy


Attributed to Lewis Carroll, never has the above phrase been more applicable to me than recently, as my various commitments and responsibilities have made me feel as though I have been swimming against the tide of time. Over the past few weeks, my friends and colleagues may well have recognised in me the image of Carroll’s harried white rabbit running by while looking at his watch and muttering to himself. Perhaps some of you will identify with this too?


OK. I’ll confess. My time management skills could be better. Recently, I was interested to discover the POSEC (Prioritizing by Organizing, Streamlining, Economizing and Contributing) method of time management (Mishra, 2007), based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (Maslow, 1943). This method involves completing tasks in order of what must be done immediately (akin to Maslow’s physiological needs), what must be done soon (akin to safety needs), what should be done (the belonging needs) and what one would like to do (the esteem and self-actualisation needs). Where does CPD fit into this? I suspect that for most of us it is something that we should do and must do soon, but that other ‘needs’ soon overtake it and relegate it further down the chain. Time is, after all, a valuable commodity for us all.


At CPD Online we recognise that it is not always easy for our members to prioritise CPD into their busy schedules. Our new Quickbite 30-minute modules are designed with this in mind – breaking our CPD into shorter slots might just help turn what we would like to do into something that we can do.


New modules:


Psychotropic medication in breastfeeding

Asking for a psychodynamic opinion    Quickbite: Asking for a psychodynamic psychotherapy opinion in general psychiatry
Pharmacological management of mania   The pharmacological management of mania

Gain comprehensive knowledge of the available pharmacological treatments for mania and best practice in management and maintenance treatment. The module focuses on the recently published guidelines from the British Association for Psychopharmacology.

Working with deaf and hearing-impaired people  


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Forthcoming modules:

Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)

Psychiatric aspects of perinatal loss

The armed forces and mental health: Part 1 – Mental healthcare in military service

The armed forces and mental health: Part 2 – Mental healthcare for veterans



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