Schizophrenia: the glutamatergic hypothesis


Jean Th├ęberge talks about the glutamatergic hypothesis of schizophrenia and discusses in some detail his study on longitudinal grey-matter and glutamatergic losses in first-episode schizophrenia.


Date published: 31 August 2008

Audio running time: 8 minutes

Credits: 0.5


Learning outcomes:


By the end of this podcast we hope you will:


  • be familiar with the role of glutamine and glutamate in neurotransmission

  • be familiar with the concept of the glutamatergic hypothesis of schizophrenia

  • have a better understanding of why glutamate metabolism is important in schizophrenia.


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Please note: This podcast was recorded in 2008. Please be aware that some of the material covered and/or guidance may have changed.
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