Professionals sharing service user information with carers


Vanessa Pinfold discusses the importance of sharing service user information with carers, giving pointers on how to do this without breaking patient confidentiality. She emphasises the importance of professional judgement in decisions over what information to share or withhold and suggests strategies for improving current practices.


Date published: 26 February 2007

Audio running time: 14 minutes

Credits: 0.75


Learning outcomes


By successfully completing this module, we hope that you will gain:


  • an understanding of the importance of sharing information with carers


  • increased awareness of how to share information with carers without breaking patient confidentiality


  • a fuller understanding of the legal position regarding the circumstances in which disclosure can be made without consent.


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Please note: This podcast was recorded in 2007. Please be aware that some of the material covered and/or guidance may have changed.
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