Pharmacotherapy for borderline personality disorder


In this podcast, Dr Kamran Ahmed talks to Professor Klaus Lieb about the Cochrane review conducted by his team on trials of pharmacological treatments for borderline personality disorder. The findings of the review and their implications are discussed.


Date published: 25 March 2010

Audio running time: 12 minutes

Credits: 0.5


Learning outcomes:


By the end of this podcast we hope you will:


  • have an awareness of the impact of borderline personality disorder on individuals and mental health services and the need for effective treatments for the condition


  • be more familiar with the method by which a Cochrane review is conducted


  • be knowledgeable about effective pharmacological treatments for borderline personality disorder


  • appreciate the implications of these findings for clinical practice and future research.


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Please note: This podcast was recorded in 2010. Please be aware that some of the material covered and/or guidance may have changed.
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