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These podcasts are similar to those on the RCPsych website, but have been recorded specifically for CPD Online. Access to the recordings is free, but you need to be a CPD Online subscriber in order to take the test at the end and gain CPD certification. Please note that the views of the interviewees are not necessarily those of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

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  • Working with patients remotely

    Working with patients remotelyWorking with patients remotely FREE

    During this period of social distancing it is more important than ever for mental health clinicians to engage with their patients. Many are feeling anxious, stressed and lonely, while those with existing mental ill-health may be even more vulnerable. So now that we cannot, in most cases, hold face-to-face consultations, how can we continue to treat patients remotely? Here, Dr Isobel Heyman talks to Dr Raj Persaud about the current evidence base for remote working, and provides some practical advice on the ways in which clinicians can stay ‘remote, but not distant’. More...

    5/7/2020 | Download

    Minimum recommended time: 30 minutes | Credits: 0.5 | CPD Domains: Clinical

  • Ethical considerations arising from COVID-19

    Ethical considerations arising from COVID-19Ethical considerations arising from COVID-19 FREE

    Psychiatrists are used to dealing with ethical issues in daily practice, but COVID-19 has pushed many into unfamiliar territory and challenged us with new ethical dilemmas. In this podcast, Dr Steve Pearce and Dr Jacinta Tan talk to CPD Online Trainee Editor Dr Jennifer Powell about ethical considerations arising from COVID-19, including equity of access to services, personal and collective needs around prevention and treatment, potential changes to the Mental Health Act, risks and benefits of remote working and where to find support when confronted with COVID-19-related ethical dilemmas. More...

    5/5/2020 | Download

    Minimum recommended time: 30 minutes | Credits: 0.5 | CPD Domains: Clinical,Professional


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