Psychosocial management of self-harm: Part 2

by Dr Alexandra Pitman and Professor Patricia Casey


Last updated: February 2020


This module accompanies the preceding module, Psychosocial management of self-harm: Part 1, in which the evidence for interventions to reduce the repetition of self-harm is reviewed.


The following two clinical vignettes introduce us to two patients presenting with a history of self-harm and their entrance into psychosocial therapies to reduce the repetition of these behaviours.


We follow them into the early stages of therapy, accompanying the vignettes with self-test questions, to illustrate the approaches taken in manual-assisted cognitive-behavioural therapy (MACT) and dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT).


These clinical vignettes complement the theoretical framework and evidence base outlined in Psychosocial management of self-harm: Part 1 and illustrate the use of psychosocial interventions in practice.


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