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Section 1: Local action on misconduct

(1.1) Section 1: Local action on misconduct

(1.2) Vignette: Dr Totteridge demonstrates the application of your local disciplinary policy

(1.3) Suggested answer: Dr Totteridge

(1.4) Interactive exercise: suggested answer: Dr Totteridge

(1.5) Section 1: Recap

(1.6) Section 1: Summary


Section 2: Demographics and statistics

(2.1) Section 2: Demographics and statistics

(2.2) Interactive exercise: keep a sense of perspective

(2.3) Local complaints

(2.4) Complaints to the GMC

(2.5) Comment

(2.6) Cases at Practitioner Performance Advice service

(2.7) Factors associated with cases at Practitioner Performance Advice

(2.8) Section 2: Recap

(2.9) Section 2: Summary


Section 3: Using policy and regulations

(3.1) Section 3: Using policies and regulations

(3.2) National guidance and local policies

(3.3) Action when a concern arises (includes investigation)

(3.4) Vignette: Dr Whetstone

(3.5) Suggested answer: Dr Whetstone

(3.6) Conduct

(3.7) Suggested answer: Dr Barnet

(3.8) Capability

(3.9) Interactive exercise: vignette: Dr Crouch

(3.10) MHPS: clinical academics

(3.11) Section 3: Recap

(3.12) Section 3: Summary


Section 4: Sources of advice and support for medical managers

(4.1) Section 4: Sources of advice and support for medical managers

(4.2) Vignette: Dr Turnpike 

(4.3) Suggested answer: Dr Turnpike

(4.4) Suggested answer: Dr Turnpike

(4.5) Interactive exercise: Dr Totteridge: explanatory notes on the meeting

(4.6) External sources of advice and support

(4.7) Section 4: Recap

(4.8) Section 4: Summary



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