About the authors

Janet Treasure, PhD, FRCP, FRCPsych, FAED

Professor Janet TreasureProfessor of Psychiatry, Kings College University of London, and Head of the Eating Disorders Unit at the South London and Maudsley Hospital.


Professor Treasure has been active in the design, delivery and evaluation of the application of motivational interviewing (MI) into the management of eating disorder and diabetes mellitus for over 16 years. She is a member of the International Organisation of Trainers in Motivational Interviewing (MINT) and is trained in the use of standardised instruments to deliver motivational interviewing (MITI).


Professor Treasure has also published self-help books for patients and family members which incorporate teaching in motivational interviewing, and has developed a distance learning training course in MI at Kings College University of London. She has been a co-investigator, trainer and supervisor on projects which have used MI in eating disorders, and is currently a trainer and supervisor on projects in which the parents of young people with eating disorders or Type 1 diabetes learn the principles of MI so that they can effectively support change or treatment adherence.


Email: janet.treasure@kcl.ac.uk


Declaration of interests: Professor Treasure has written chapters on MI and has written a distance learning programme for KCI on MI.


Pam Macdonald, PhD

Research Psychologist, King's College, London; coach and trainer.


Dr Macdonald is actively involved in supporting the carers of people with eating disorders using the principles of MI. She is part of a team that has devised a training course for carers to become peer mentors, teaching the principles of MI to other carers.


Dr Macdonald currently supervises experienced carers on their fidelity to the MI model in the Expert Carers Helping Others project. She is a passionate advocate of evidence-based research that equips carers with the appropriate information and tools that will help them best support their loved one through their eating disorder. She has co-edited a Clinicians Guide with Professors Janet Treasure and Ulrike Schmidt and has contributed to several peer reviewed papers in the academic literature.


Email: Pamela.Macdonald@kcl.ac.uk


Declaration of interests: None

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