Giving feedback to trainees

by Dr Clare Oakley and Prof Femi Oyebode


Last reviewed: September 2015


Educational supervision is at the centre of the training of psychiatrists. A crucial component of this supervision is feedback to trainees about their progress to enable their effective development as psychiatrists.


Workplace-based assessments (WPBAs) require effective supervision and feedback for trainees, and this module aims to introduce supervision and feedback in this context.


In particular, we consider:


  • the principles of supervision

  • the principles of feedback, including the SET-GO principle

  • models of feedback including Pendleton's rules and the Calgary-Cambridge model

  • feedback for WPBA

  • feedback on clinical skills

  • feedback on professionalism.


We look at strategies to successfully provide both positive and negative feedback. Scenario-based video clips are shown throughout the module to help demonstrate giving feedback to trainees.


This module assumes a working knowledge of the WPBAs used by The Royal College of Psychiatrists. Further information about this can be found on the Portfolio Online & WPBA Information page of the College website.


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Please note: This module was last updated in 2015. Please be aware when completing the module that some of the guidance may have changed.

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