Exploring spirituality with people who use mental health services

by Dr Sarah Eagger and Dr Sumudu Ferdinando


Last reviewed: January 2018


As individual practitioners we support a wide variety of different views on spirituality. This is reflected in the manner in which we as mental health professionals acknowledge (or ignore) this aspect in our patients’ narratives.


This module will help you to develop your awareness of patients’ spiritual health needs. We aim to provide an outline of the current thinking and literature on this topic and motivate you to incorporate this aspect of care into your practice.


The module will also enable you to consider your own spiritual development and will provide some helpful tools to assist you in taking a spiritual history.


Exploring this highly personalised area, which means different things to different people, can have potential pitfalls. This module acknowledges possible dilemmas that a clinician may face and identifies effective ways of addressing these challenges.


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This module is a joint commission with the following article published in BJPsych Advances:


Cook CCH (2015) Religion and spirituality in clinical practice. BJPsych Advances, 21: 42–50. [abstract]


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