Module introduction

By the end of this module, we hope you will:


  • understand how the Government's CONTEST strategy is structured and implemented


  • understand how to share information in a Prevent referral and identify the exceptionality of situations when it is necessary to breach confidentiality


  • be able to seek appropriate advice and make good use of case-by-case safeguarding processes in a manner which guards against harms, including the potential for perpetuating stigma


  • be aware of the psychological difficulties that could make a person more vulnerable to being drawn into radicalisation, and recognise the importance of not conflating these difficulties with mental illness


  • appreciate how appropriate medical management of underlying mental illnesses and the provision of psychosocial support for individuals may reduce the likelihood of them being drawn in to terrorism.



It is recommended that you also complete the Level 3 Working to Raise Awareness of Prevent (WRAP) training; this training should be provided by your employing health trust if you work in the NHS.

Additionally you can complete the following e-LfH modules: 


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