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CPD Online modules developed in association with the College Centre for Quality Improvement

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The College's eLearning website, CPD Online, and the College Centre for Quality Improvement (CCQI) have developed a learning programme for consultant psychiatrists and other health professionals. 


An initial five modules are planned for the series, covering various aspects of quality, standards and clinical audit. Each module will take between an hour and 90 minutes to complete and College members can gain CPD credits upon successful completion of the module tests.



The first module in the series, Quality improvement Module 1: QI essentials, is FREE to access, as is the fifth in the series: History of quality of healthcare in the UK

Please note that you will need to subscribe to CPD Online to view the other modules in full. Visit the CPD Online subscriptions page for more information.


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Published modules in this series:


Module 1: QI essentials


Module 2: Clinical audit in mental health practice 


Module 3: Organisation theory: conceptual frameworks in a changing context


Module 4: Patient safety in mental health


Module 5: History of quality of healthcare in the UK



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