Module introduction

The application process encompasses sufficient breadth to allow doctors, of all nationalities practising in the UK and who have a varied career portfolio, to apply for the Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration (CESR). Even without the MRCPsych qualification, a doctor can demonstrate their competence and gain entry to the specialist register of the GMC through a CESR application.


In this module, we provide useful guidance and alert you to the pitfalls and vagaries of the application process. We hope this will enable you to confidently fulfil your task under the statutory GMC guidelines.


Learning outcomes


By the end of this module, we hope you will be familiar with:


  • how to complete a CESR application to the GMC

  • how to steer your way through the different parts, in the pre-contemplation, contemplation and final stages

  • how to maximise your potential in order to achieve a positive result by collecting relevant evidence to present your competencies and skills in the best possible light.


Ideally, you will first want to study the guidance for the application process on the GMC website and the GMC's Speciality Specific Guidance.



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