Assessment and management of obsessive-compulsive disorder: Part 1

by Dr Ricky A Sachdev, Dr Jemma Reid, Dr Luca Pellegrini, Dr Lynne M Drummond and Professor Naomi A Fineberg


This is a substantial revision of a previous module by Dr Amit Nigam, Dr Lynne Drummond, Dr Joanne Farrow, Dr Ali Al-Allaq, Dr Sanjay Nelson and Professor Naomi A Fineberg. The authors acknowledge their contribution.


Last updated: October 2020


Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a prevalent, chronic and disabling disorder characterised by obsessional thoughts and compulsive behaviours (APA, 2013a; WHO, 2018). It is a condition shrouded with stigma and shame.


Although effective psychological and pharmacological treatments are available, delays in diagnosis and treatment of the disorder occur. Better recognition and improved access to evidence-based treatment is needed.


This module provides guidance on how common obsessive-compulsive disorder is, how best to recognise people with the disorder and current theories about its aetiology.


Aimed at psychiatrists and mental health workers in general adult, forensic, old age and child and adolescent psychiatry, it will take the reader through the diagnosis, psychopathology and differential diagnosis, classification, epidemiology, aetiological theories, comorbid disorders as well as the standardised assessment and measurement of OCD.


By the end of this module the reader should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the complexities involved in the comprehensive assessment of OCD, as the first essential step in the clinical management of the disorder.


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