About the authors

Alan Meaden, DClinPsy, BScHons 

Alan MeadenConsultant Specialist Clinical Psychologist in Rehabilitation for Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust.


Email: alan.meaden@bsmht.nhs.uk


Declaration of Interests: None.


Dr Alan Meaden takes a lead role in promoting psychological approaches to working with individuals affected by psychosis in rehabilitation and assertive outreach services. He has carried out research into service issues and psychological approaches to understanding and treating psychosis over the last 12 years. His current roles include reviewing and developing residential rehabilitation services and research into cognitive-behavioural therapy for clients experiencing command hallucinations.


His current other clinical and research interests include supportive psychotherapy, challenging behaviour, service engagement, and working with staff groups.




David Hacker, DClinPsy, BScHons 

Dr David Hacker

Highly Specialist Clinical Psychologist with Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Trust.


Email: hackerda1973@yahoo.co.uk


Declaration of Interests: None.


Dr Hacker works within high-dependency in-patient settings with people with severe and enduring mental health problems, who exhibit challenging and risk behaviours.  His interests include cognitive-behavioural approaches to positive symptoms, challenging behaviour and risk in psychosis, and the use of team-based formulations. Dr Hacker also has a strong interest in neuropsychology and works part time at a regional neuroscience centre.


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