Assessing people with psychiatric rehabilitation needs

by Dr Alan Meaden and Dr David Hacker


Last reviewed: August 2019 by Alan Meaden, Martin Commander and Tom Edwards


In this module, we provide a framework for guiding rehabilitation assessment. We also emphasise the importance of considering risk and other challenging behaviours which may limit participation.


This module offers guidance on:


  • the purpose of assessment and a model for guiding this process


  • adopting a broad approach to the assessment of symptoms, social functioning and recovery


  • evaluating risk and challenging behaviours


  • an approach to formulation and applying the assessment to goal planning.


As there is already a comprehensive module on Physical healthcare in severe mental illness, despite its importance in assessment for rehabilitation, this topic will not be covered here. This module is also complemented by related modules on Social functioning in schizophrenia and Risk assessment and management of violence in general adult psychiatry.


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