Armed forces and mental health: Part 1 – mental healthcare in military service

by Professor Neil Greenberg, Dr Paul Lewis, Dr Anne Braidwood and Dr Elizabeth Hunt


Last updated: November 2018 by Surgeon Captain John Sharpley


This module is part one of a two-part series on the armed forces and mental health. The modules will provide useful background information to those who may deliver mental health support to serving or veteran personnel.


Both modules in this series will cover the epidemiology of mental disorder in service personnel and explain the challenges associated with working in war zones and returning to society as a veteran. They will also provide a thorough overview of the various mental health support processes that the NHS, Ministry of Defence (MoD) and third sector have established to help military personnel and their families.


In this first module we will outline the structure of the armed forces, explore reasons for joining, and look at the Military Covenant. We will also describe the structure and organisation of the defence mental health services, and will review the mental health problems that commonly present in service.


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