About the authors

Zia Nadeem, BSc, MBBS, MPhil, MRCPsych

Zia Nadeem

Locum Consultant Psychiatrist, Rehabilitation Psychiatry, St John’s Hospital, Livingston, Scotland


Email: nadeez@gmail.com


Declaration of interest: none


Main interests: Evidence-based medicine, schizophrenia, psychopharmacology, mental health informatics




Allan Scott, MBChB, MD, MPhil, MBA, MRCPsych

Allan Scott

Consultant Psychiatrist and Honorary Senior Lecturer, the Andrew Duncan Clinic, Royal Edinburgh Hospital


Email: Fiona.Morrison@lpct.scot.nhs.uk


Declaration of interest: none


Main interests: The psychopharmacology of mood disorders, with particular interest in electroconvulsive therapy.

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