Advance directives in Ireland (ARCHIVED)

by Dr Joan Cunningham


Published: March 2009


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In recent decades, patient care has been revolutionised by developments in science and technology. The number of treatments now available means that there is an increased chance of recovery from illness as well as of staying alive. 


However, patients do not always wish to be treated in what the doctor considers the 'best way', or to have their lives prolonged artificially.


With competent patients, treatment is usually a matter of making a simple choice. But what happens when they lose capacity or are unable to communicate their treatment wishes? For this reason, many people choose to make an advance directive.


At present in Ireland, there is no specific legislation with regard to advance directives, although in recent years several organisations have reviewed the subject. 


In this module, we will examine the current practice when a patient lacks the capacity to participate in healthcare decision-making. We will also look at the recommendations that have been made by the relevant medical and legal bodies.


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Download take-home notes to print and annotate

NB: This module covers advance decisions in Ireland only. For England and Wales, please see the module Advance decisions in psychiatry: England and Wales.


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