About the authors

Anne Lingford-Hughes MA, PhD, BM, BCh, MRCPsych

Professor of Addiction Biology at Imperial College London and Hon Consultant Psychiatrist at Central North West London NHS Foundation Trust.


Professor Lingford-Hughes trained in psychiatry at The Bethlem and Maudsley Hospitals and Institute of Psychiatry. She was a clinical senior lecturer in Bristol and lead consultant for the alcohol service. For over 20 years, her research has focused on using neuroimaging and pharmacological challenges to characterise the neurobiology of addiction, particularly alcoholism and opiate, cocaine, nicotine and gambling addiction.


Email: anne.lingford-hughes@imperial.ac.uk


Declaration of interests: Lectures on neurobiology of addiction and pharmacotherapy, treatment for services (for LINP), Pfizer, Janssen-Cilag, Servier. Holds grants within GSK.


Consulting for NET Device Corps.


Rosie Lees, MSci

PhD Student, Pharmacology, University of Bristol. 


Ms Lees is currently working with Dr Lingford-Hughes on the relationship between alcohol and opiates. Her main interests lie with addiction and the mechanisms of opioid overdose.


Email: rosie.lees@bristol.ac.uk


Declaration of interests: None


Samuel Turton, MBChB

Clinical Research Fellow and PhD student, Imperial College London


Dr Turton completed medical school at Sheffield University and foundation training in South Yorkshire before starting a PhD in 2015 at the Neuropsychopharmacology Unit, Imperial College London, under the supervision of Prof Anne Lingford-Hughes and Prof David Nutt. His research uses both PET and MRI neuroimaging to investigate endogenous opioid signalling and how it is dysregulated in alcohol dependence.


Email: s.turton@imperial.ac.uk


Declaration of interests: None


Ashwin Venkataraman, MBBS, BSc, PGCHR, MRCPsych

Clinical Research Fellow and PhD student, Imperial College London


Dr Venkataraman graduated from University College London Medical School and was subsequently an Academic Foundation Doctor in Psychiatry, NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow in Old Age Psychiatry at Imperial College and Alzheimer’s Research UK Clinical Fellow (investigating alcohol and amyloid). Dr Venkataraman is now completing a PhD in PET and MRI neuroimaging of neurodegeneration.


Email: a.venkataraman@imperial.ac.uk


Declaration of interests: None


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