Approved Clinician Induction: Module 3 – A personal perspective of lived and caring experience

by Elaine Hewis


Published: July 2020


Psychiatry has gone through some dramatic changes since the early days of the asylum. Now, the opinion that the doctor knows best is replaced by working within the Triangle of Care (Carers Trust, 2015), whereby professionals, patients and carers all work as part of a team to achieve the best outcomes for the patient and for all involved.


The lived and caring experience is brought to this module by Elaine Hewis, who shares her personal experience of being detained under the Mental Health Act, as well as supporting a family member who has been detained.


Within this module is the experience of section 136 (s.136), appealing detention and the appropriateness of and attempt to remove a nearest relative.


This module will encourage you to look at your use of language, both in assessment and in your documentation.


The real-time question and answer session, which you must attend as part of the course completion, will complement this module.


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