Approved Clinician Induction: Module 1 – Overview of the Mental Health Act and key roles

by Dr Abdul Raoof


Published: July 2020


This module will start off with a brief review of the history and evolution of mental health law. We will encourage reflection on the complex issues inherent in enforcing treatment against an individual’s wishes, referring to concerns about human rights violations and the need to adhere to the Code of Practice.


After a recap of key definitions and the criteria for detention under the Mental Health Act (MHA) 1983, we will introduce you to the roles and responsibilities of Approved Clinicians (ACs) and how these differ from those of section 12-approved doctors (registered medical practitioners).


This module will also give you a clinical perspective on the role of the AC/Responsible Clinician (RC) in relation to commonly used sections of the Mental Health Act 1983 (including Part 3) before you move on to Module 2, which covers detailed legal aspects in relation to the roles, responsibilities and powers ACs/RCs have under the Act.


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