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How do I access the learning modules?

To enjoy full access to our continually updated website and take advantage of new learning modules you must have an up-to-date subscription. Anyone can become a member of CPD Online; however, its target audience is psychiatrists for their continuing professional development (CPD).


If would like to try the site out first, you can register with the College and try our free modules or, if you are a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, you can log into the free modules straight away using the same username and password with which you access the members' area of the College website.




I have subscribed but I haven’t received any email with my membership login details

Please allow up to 5 working days for your application to be processed. Also check for the email in your spam box. If you have not received anything after 1 week please contact us or our subscriptions company Turpin Distribution on +44 (0)1767 604 951.



I have forgotten my membership login details. What do I do?

Please follow the instructions on our Forgotten username or password page.



What is 'My CPD Online'?

My CPD Online is your personal area. You need to be a subscriber to access My CPD Online.



When is my subscription expiry date?

To find out the date your subscription will expire, go to My subscription status (under 'Manage my account' in the 'My CPD Online' area). Please note that the invoice you receive from Turpin will show an expiry date backdated to the end of the previous month, but this is simply because renewal notices are sent out on a monthly basis.



What educational standard are the learning modules?

Learning modules are generally pitched at consultant psychiatrist level.



Modules and podcasts are categorised into three CPD domains (Clinical, Academic and Professional). What do they refer to?

Integral to CPD activities is the requirement that psychiatrists will accomplish CPD in a variety of settings (see College Report OP98: Continuing Professional Development: Guidance for Psychiatrists).


Clinical – All educational activities that relate to the development of individual clinical and diagnostic skills or updating of specialist knowledge should be recorded in this category. An example would be attendance at a course approved by a medical Royal College.


Academic – Academic activities might include postgraduate teaching, educational supervision, examining and publishing. You do not need to work in an academic post to claim credits in this section. Clinical audit, teaching and research are all forms of academic CPD.


Professional – Professional activities are those that promote organisational, managerial, legal, administrative and other non-clinical skills. Peer-group meetings, management training and information technology (IT) training, all fall into this category.


Modules and podcasts may be categorised into one, two or all three domains, but this is for your guidance only.



How many hours of CPD can CPD Online account for?

From January 2012 CPD Online can be used to accrue 25 hours towards an individual's annual CPD requirement (an increase from the previous 10 hours). This means that CPD Online can now be used to achieve half of the annual CPD requirement. Although, of course, you can study and obtain certificates for as many modules and podcasts as you wish.


During 2012, external and internal CPD was replaced by three domains: clinical, academic and professional. We have already started to label our modules and podcasts accordingly. More information about the College's CPD policy.



What do I do when I have successfully attained enough CPD module certificates?

You can include 25 hours' worth of CPD Online work towards your PDP. More information on the PDP, CPD approval and what to do next.



What is the 'CPD Online Notebook'?

This allows you to make notes and save them to 'My CPD Online' as you progress through a module.




Is there a place to study CPD Online whilst I am at the College?

Yes. The College Library and Information Service on the Ground Floor has computers, Wi-Fi access, and a copier/fax/scanner. It is located next to the Members’ area where there is a tea and coffee-making facility.



Is help available for literature searches and obtaining journal articles?

For College members, the College Library and Information Service can undertake literature searches and offer free access to all articles and documents published by the College, as well as articles from many major psychiatric and international journals. Non-members also have access to articles from College journals. Contact Information Services



What is the pass mark required to achieve a module certificate of completion?

The pass mark required is 100%. See also:





Can I complete a module more than once?

You are welcome to take a module more than once, for example to refresh your knowledge or complete it when it's been updated after a few years, etc., as part of our Module updates programme.


You will be able to generate new CPD certificates for all module and podcast tests completed successfully; contribution to your annual CPD requirement is subject to peer group approval, as with all CPD activity undertaken.

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