CPD Online Notebook explained

Where do I find it?


You must be logged in to use the Notebook. It is located on the right-hand side of your screen once inside any module.


What is it for?


It's there for you to make notes as you wish, and means you will have access to these notes later. For instance, you may wish to:

  • make your own notes as you go along
  • respond to reflective questions
  • copy chunks of information to revise later.


How do I use it?


Simply click on the appropriate 'section' of the Notebook, click inside the text area and start typing. It is helpful also to add a note of the page header/number for your reference later. Always remember to save these notes before advancing to the next page of the module, as they will otherwise be lost.


How do I retrieve my notes later?


You can retrieve your notes at any time by going to the Modules section within the Check my progress area of My CPD Online.


Can't I just use pen and paper?


It's up to you how you wish to manage your learning and revision aids. We recommend you keep track of your notes somehow – whether it's with the CPD Online Notebook, or with Microsoft Word or a simple pen and paper.


The advantages of the CPD Online Notebook are that it is quickly and easily accessible, saves to your personal area and the notes are easily retrieved. The downside is that these notes are not so easily printed and you cannot format the text. If you do wish to print out your notes, we suggest you copy and paste them into a Word document before printing.





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