Certificates of completion explained

A 100% pass mark is required in the final module test to attain the module certificate of completion. Should you not achieve 100%, the test can be retaken, and questions reviewed, as many times as necessary for you to achieve the certificate.


Please be aware that you can only attain the certificate from the final module test, not the pre-module test. When you score 100%, a button will appear enabling you to generate, save and print the certificate. 


You will then be sent an email with a link to your certificate. You may want to keep the email for future reference.


All your certificates of completion are stored in the Certificates area of 'My CPD Online'


Please note that your certificates are not made available to the College's CPD unit; they are held in the 'My CPD Online' area for your personal use only. It is your own responsibility to put forward any CPD Online certificates you wish to claim towards your annual CPD.


If you are having problems accessing the certificates please also see our troubleshooting section:


I successfully completed the module test but I didn't see or receive my certificate

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