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Educational feature:


By Dr Nhishanth Gurunathan, CPD Online Trainee Editor


ChangeI started a new job last month.


Like many of us that start in a new role, I felt the usual combination of excitement and trepidation that such a change can bring. Swapping familiarity for the unfamiliar is always a challenge, but sometimes leaving one’s comfort zone can also help keep one fresh. Although almost any type of change can be stressful, my personal experience has also provided a natural and welcome opportunity to reflect on what I have achieved, and what I still hope to achieve. The personal development plan (PDP) process (see Dr Worrall-Davies’ module on this topic) has been invaluable in providing a structure for my thoughts. It is always helpful to know that even amongst all this change CPD Online remains a constant and familiar presence!


In the last edition of the CPD Online e-newsletter, Dr Leask discussed the advantages of extending the practice of ‘trying something new’ into your choice of CPD. Learning something new is undoubtedly valuable, but the natural break of change has also forced me to re-examine my existing knowledge and has helped me identify what needs refreshing. Sometimes, that refresher is all that is needed to keep our practice on track. At CPD Online, we not only strive to ensure that our content is accurate, but work hard with our module authors to keep it up to date. Therefore, those of us looking to refresh our knowledge can be reassured that the modules are exactly what we need. 



New modules:


Use of mental health legislation in eating disorders

  Use of mental health legislation in eating disorders (Quickbite)
This module provides guidance on assessing when to use legally enforced treatment for patients with eating disorders, and information on how to incorporate this into a caring therapeutic relationship.
Gender, madness, society   Gender, madness and society in 20th century Britain
Social and cultural factors still play an important part in interpreting and treating modern day mental illness. Learn about the factors that influenced ideas about mental illness through the 20th century.
Driving and mental disorders    Driving and mental disorders 


Forthcoming module:

Organisation theory: conceptual frameworks in a changing context


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CPD Online Advisory Board's top picks

Dr Rajiv Khushu, CPD Online Advisory Board member, recommends his favourite CPD Online material

Module: Adult ADHD 

This module is written in a concise and well structured manner. It provided me with a readily available resource to refresh my knowledge of ADHD. After going through ADHD it moves seamlessly on to the assessment and management of Adult ADHD. The difficulties and pitfalls in the assessment of Adult ADHD are outlined as well as the concerns regarding the long term use of stimulants which are helpful. The Adult ADHD Clinic assessment pack will prove useful for anyone involved in setting up an Adult ADHD service. Given the increasing awareness of and interest in Adult ADHD, this module is invaluable to a busy General Adult Psychiatrist.



  Portfolio-based learning in medical education
Portfolios have become relevant to several areas of professional practice, including training, appraisal, revalidation and CPD. In this article, Antonina Ingrassia examines the background of important changes and new trends in medical education on which the increasing use of portfolios is based, their potential value as learning and assessment tools, and some of the challenges and dilemmas associated with their use.
Critical reflection   Critical reflection: a sound foundation for learning and practice in psychiatry
A genuinely critical and reflective approach to psychiatry can potentiate learning, improve practice and promote personal development. To support this assertion, Stavros Bekas links theory and practice in an article that overviews seminal ideas in the literature on critical thinking and offers three perspectives of reflective practice – those of the psychiatric trainee, the teacher and the practitioner – through examples of reflective exploration of personal experience. He concludes with a critique on the limitations of reflective psychiatry.



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