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The CPD Online Editor, Dr Liz Hare, is stepping down after a very successful term of office. Dr Hare has helped us commission many extremely popular modules and podcasts and increase both the number of members subscribing to CPD Online and the site’s authority. We would like to thank Dr Hare for her extensive time and advice and wish her all the best in her retirement.


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Educational feature:

Keep on learning

By Dr Liz Hare, CPD Online EditorLearn online


Having been the Editor of CPD Online for the best part of 5 years, I am shortly to leave this role and so this will be my last piece for the e-newsletter.


When I first started writing computer-delivered learning modules for undergraduates, one of the buzz terms was “Digital Natives”. Coined by Marc Prensky (2001), the idea was that more-recent generations who had been raised in homes with computers would interact with them in a seamless way, unlike older people who had to learn it as a second language. As with any academic concept, there is debate as to what extent that matters, particularly as the technologies are continuing to evolve at great speed.


I am struck that I became an expert in e-learning, despite already being in possession of a fair crop of grey hair when I first did the medical education course which led to my involvement with on-line learning. I can confirm that learning slows down with age, but we humans turn out to be able to do it well into our maturity.


It is clear that putting new information into practice secures our knowledge. It is also easier to learn when the topic is important to us. Hence, our aim for CPD Online continues to be to produce modules, written by experts in the field, with a practical understanding of what the demands of psychiatry are, to help keep our members moving forward on the right track.


New modules:


The armed forces and mental health

Psychiatric aspects of perinatal loss    Psychiatric aspects of perinatal loss
Prescription of ECT   The prescription of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)

Prescribing ECT is not an everyday occurrence for most psychiatrists, making this module an important reference and revision aid. It will guide you through the process, covering when and how to prescribe ECT and preparing you for obtaining informed consent from patients.


New podcasts:

Dr Nhishanth Gurunathan, CPD Online Trainee Editor, recommends his favourite CPD Online material

Module: How patient centred are you? Shared decision-making in psychiatric practice

The theme of involving patients in their own care has been gaining momentum over the past decade or more, and most of us would believe that we do this well. But do we really engage in shared decision-making? I found that this module helped to clearly define this concept, offered an opportunity to reflect on just how well I really do this, and provided valuable advice on how to improve my practice in this area.

Podcast: The National Confidential Inquiry into Suicide and Homicide by People with Mental Illness

As clinicians, it is reassuring to hear that we are doing things well. Professor Appleby’s discussion of the findings of the most recent inquiry highlights the extent of the improvements that we have made in terms of patient safety over the past decade. The general increase in suicides under crisis and home treatment teams is a concern, however, and this podcast should encourage us to reflect on how we can improve these services moving forward.


Forthcoming modules:

Buprenorphine: its role in withdrawal and substitute prescribing

First-episode psychosis: Parts 1 and 2



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