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Learn to meet your needs

Our modules are being categorised in accordance with the three new CPD domains: clinical, professional and academic. You will soon be able to sort the modules according to their CPD category as well as their subject area, date published, and other criteria. This will help you meet your revalidation aspirations and get a balance in your learning activities.


Educational feature:

Unplanned learning - do we learn even when we do not plan to learn?

Dr Arunima Ghosh-Nodiyal

Random learning, also called incidental or unplanned learning, occurs at any time and in any place in everyday life (UNESCO, 2005). It is characterised as unorganised, unstructured and unintentional (setting it apart from “informal learning”, which is intentional).

You may be shopping in your local town on Saturday and happen to notice an elderly gentleman who has lost his way. Could he have Alzheimer’s? While helping him you may incidentally learn by observing him. You might interact with him and “unknowingly” notice his dyspraxia and dysphasia. Though it is an informal situation, the learning is situated, contextual, and social – the characteristics considered most effective in formal learning situations (Rogers, 1997; Kerka, 2000).

However, on a not so sunny day you may actively choose to learn and also earn CPD points with one of our CPD Online modules. CPD Online, too, bridges the gap between everyday activity and learning through its reflective questions, allowing you to make the most of what you have learnt informally. 


Latest CPD Online modules:

Psychotropic medication and the heart

Understanding the link between mood disorder and heart disease is vital for psychiatrists. These two complementary modules will give you the knowledge you need, teaching you how to read and interpret ECGs, helping you comprehend the potential adverse effects of psychotropic medication on the cardiovascular system, and giving you the confidence to use antidepressants in heart disease.


 Music therapy – an introduction

Music therapy – an introduction

Have you considered music therapy for your patients? Here you can watch and listen to examples of this fascinating therapy in practice. You will gain a basic understanding of the main approaches, learn about the skills involved, and understand how the therapy could aid your patients. The module presents case studies of patients with autism, schizophrenia and dementia.


CPD Online’s summer sizzlersour most popular modules and podcasts over the past month are:


1. Recognising autism spectrum disorders in children with normal-range intelligence 

2. Mental health and tribunal law: an introduction 

3. Inappropriate sexual behaviour in dementia

4. The law of mental health tribunals – Section 72 of the Mental Health Act

5. Rapid tranquillisation of the acutely disturbed patient



1. Involuntary hospital admissions: patients' views 

2. Impact of cannabidiol on memory

3. Malingering

4. Pharmacotherapy for borderline personality disorder

5. Seclusion


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We would love to hear from you if there are any topics that you would like to see covered. Before getting in touch, please view a list of our modules in progress.


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