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Educational feature:

“How long have you been working in this field?” asked the scientist/clinician/farmer…

By Dr Stuart Leask, CPD Online Editor



CPD Online seeks to deliver interesting and accessible online educational materials, for a specific audience of experienced mental health professionals. Of course, the focus is upon issues of relevance to practising psychiatrists (we're the Royal College of Psychiatrists, after all), but we hope at least some modules will be of interest to all professionals working in the field of mental health. The hope is that we get the distillation of years of experience – not just what we probably should be doing, but how to overcome the all-too-numerous features of everyday life that get in the way. Of course, our readership are often experts too, so if you find yourself thinking you have better ideas than those in our modules, do let us know.


Some topics we've probably been wrestling with for most of our careers – whether it's the adverse effects of otherwise-successful clozapine, or trying to minimise the 'bump' between child and adult services – and there are other new developments that have crept up on us while we've been busy working. We're here to help, so let us know if there's anything you'd like to know more about.



New modules:


Problem psychiatrists


Local complaints and issues are becoming much more common and it follows that all psychiatrists are likely to have to respond to their own referral or the referral of a colleague to the GMC possibly once in their career. This module is a resource for when poor performance cases arise. It applies the lessons from Part 1 in the series, with an emphasis on implementing national policy, and further develops some of the skills and habits of mind that are useful and effective in understanding and managing performance concerns.

    Man holding bottle   Alcohol-related brain damage

ARBD is thought to be significantly under-diagnosed and presents healthcare services with major challenges. Improve your knowledge and awareness of the condition and your ability to work with patients with ARBD. The module includes audio accounts from a patient and their carer about the specialised rehabilitation services for ARBD.

Adult ADHD

  Exploring spirituality with people who use mental health services [Fully revised & updated by the authors]
This module helps you to develop your awareness of patients’ spiritual health needs, enables you to consider your own spiritual development, and provides tools to assist you in taking a spiritual history. It acknowledges possible dilemmas a clinician may face, and identifies effective ways of addressing these challenges.

New podcast:


Dr Raj Persaud talks to Wesley Turner and Leanne Casey about their meta-analysis of outcomes associated with clinical virtual reality randomised controlled trials.

Forthcoming modules:

Delirium in older people: assessment and management

Leadership and management series: Time management for psychiatrists

People with intellectual disabilities in criminal justice settings 

Neuroimaging in dementia

Children’s mental health within Scottish legislation



New from Advances in Psychiatric Treatment:


Mother and child

Parenting and personality disorder   Parenting and personality disorder: clinical and child protection implications
Parental personality disorder is a risk to child development through both transmission of genetic vulnerability and the potential stress of living with such a parent. Gwen Adshead argues that mental healthcare providers have a duty to offer personality disorder services that focus on parenting identity: effective therapies are now available and treatment would reduce future psychiatric morbidity in offspring.



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