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Educational feature:Discussion with peers promotes learning

Use the tools available to you, by Dr Liz Hare, CPD Online Editor


The Chinese have a saying: ‘Experience is the comb life gives you when you are bald’. Taking part in lifelong learning can give you the tools you need before it is too late. With so much educational material out there, however, it is important to plan well, hence the importance of taking advice from your peer group as well as recommendations from your medical manager, who will have a view on the wider priorities of the service. I hope many of you will take the time to listen to the January podcast interview, in which two giants of British psychiatry, Professors Robin Murray and Tim Crow, share their experience of research into psychosis.


In the December CPD Online e-newsletter we heard from clinicians in Crawley about their working through modules in a collaborative manner, sharing expertise and experience. This development deserves attention as it can address the important aspect of social learning, which can be missing from on-line activities. In addition, Harvard Professor Eric Mazur (1977) has demonstrated in teaching physics to his students that discussing problems with their peers promotes deep learning - that is, an understanding that stays with you beyond the time of the activity. He argues that fellow learners can sometimes better appreciate and explain the snags and pitfalls of difficult areas in a way that an 'expert' might not. We would be pleased to know how you are using our modules and podcasts.


New modules:


Introduction to CBT in psychosis

Exploring spirituality    Exploring spirituality with people who use mental health services
Both the patient’s physical and mental health are covered here.   Post-traumatic stress disorder

Professor Jonathan Bisson provides detailed guidance on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He compares the diagnostic criteria, outlines the various psychological models of the disorder, and provides direction on the prevention and management of PTSD and the success rates of the interventions available.


New podcasts:

Lay health worker led intervention for depressive and anxiety disorders in India

Crow and Murray: the nature and history of psychosis  


Forthcoming modules:

Neurosurgery and neuromodulation for mental disorder (Parts 1 and 2) 

Huntington's disease

The Mental Health Act (1983): criteria for detention

The pharmacological management of mania


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