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We are delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Stuart Leask as CPD Online Editor, and the appointment of Dr David Reiss as Deputy Editor. Read the new Editor’s welcome on our site.


Educational feature:

And I think to myself, “What a wonderful world!”

Dr Stuart Leask, CPD Online Editor


Daily life seems to be inexorably extending into Facebook and the Twittersphere. With ever more information to absorb, such developments can leave us feeling overwhelmed. In some ways, the world seems smaller – news and views from far-flung countries and cultures are debated locally ever more energetically. However, in other ways the world can seem ever larger – the information age brings so much more to our attention than we can ever hope to even register, let alone engage in or make a difference to. ‘Information fatigue syndrome’ is probably a common experience for us all as we are faced with another round of NICE guidelines, trust policies and copious minutes thoughtfully stuffed into our email inboxes every morning… just in case we were running short…


At CPD Online we challenge our expert authors to go beyond simply restating what can be found in a textbook or revision note. We want them to reflect upon and share how they, as experienced clinicians working in that area for some years, synthesise what is currently known and apply it to the real, complicated problems our patients and services try to respond to. In this small way, I hope we can reduce the anxiety that comes from information overload and reassure our learners that, with a bit of help, it is possible to stay at, or near, the forefront of the ever-breaking wave of new knowledge and ideas.


New modules:


Clinical Audit

  Clinical audit in mental health practice: CCQI module 1
In the first in a series of modules developed in association with the College Centre for Quality Improvement (CCQI) you will learn the basics of clinical audit, why you should use it, and the knowledge you need to prepare for and implement a clinical audit within your own practice.
PDPs   Quickbite: Personal development plans: how to make them work
Find out how to prepare for, write and review a meaningful PDP that will support you in your continued learning. Understand how PDPs fit into appraisal, revalidation and continuing professional development (CPD), all within the context of the most recent College guidance.
First-episode psychosis    First-episode psychosis: Parts 1 and 2
Buprenorphine in opiate dependence   Buprenorphine in opiate dependence 

Are you fully aware of your options when treating patients with opioid dependence? Learn more about buprenorphine, its effectiveness compared with other treatments and how to use it.


New podcasts:

Dr Andrew Macaulay, CPD Online Advisory Board member, recommends his favourite CPD Online material

Module: Polypharmacy: causes and consequences 

As a busy psychiatrist you will be very familiar with polypharmacy, but are you sure your prescribing is rational? CPD is all about demonstrating that we take lifelong learning seriously and ensure that our professional standards and clinical practice are defensible. In this context, this module by Dr V R Badrakalimuthu is an excellent example of CPD Online. It is helpfully divided into sections about polypharmacy in schizophrenia, bipolar, depression and finally anxiety disorders. My favourite bit is the last section, called ‘Surviving the scare’. Why don’t you find out what was so scary? If you are thinking about revalidation and CPD, here is a great place to start.

ModuleUnderstanding and safely managing paranoid personality disorder

This module will definitely help you with your day-to-day clinical work. It highlights the diagnostic significance of paranoid thinking and provides some thoughtful insights into risk assessment, then reviews the treatment options including the management of counter transference and reviews a case summary. There is an international dimension to this module; both authors have had quite an international training and now work in Australia.


Forthcoming modules:

College Centre for Quality Improvement (CCQI) module on Quality indicators and quality improvement methods

Motivational interviewing


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