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Educational feature:

Share your CPD Online experience, By Gavin McKay and Giuseppe Spoto on behalf of the Crawley/Horsham CPD Group


We would like to report back to members on a very successful training event we had in Crawley, facilitated by Daniel Tomkins from the CPD Online team. The College has been active in introducing e-learning as an additional method of delivering personal development plans as part of the CPD cycle and this will soon be further facilitated by the increasing of the number of CPD credits achievable through e-learning. We invited Daniel to give a demonstration of CPD Online on 30 September 2011. The aims were to introduce CPD Online to group members and to stimulate interest in e-learning as a group activity.


We invited members of two local CPD Peer Groups for a one-hour session using the multimedia projector in our conference room. The group members had a range of CPD Online experience, with some having completed several modules and others yet to subscribe. The session started with a demonstration of the CPD Online “control panel” – the notebook and certificate storage facility. We then worked through the CPD Online module Treating depression in later life as a group. The group was unanimous in its view that it was an extremely valuable experience. The learning was very active, with an atmosphere of lively participation. The module test was taken as a group before and after the module in an open and democratic manner. This was great fun and drew out competitive streaks in several group members!


We are planning to continue to meet for e-learning sessions and integrate this into our CPD programme, hopefully also purchasing an institutional subscription to CPD Online. Thanks again to Daniel for a very successful day.


If you would like a quote for a multi-user license please contact Daniel Tomkins, Sales and Marketing Manager, on 020 7235 2351 x6120 or email: dtomkins@rcpsych.ac.uk



7 new CPD Online modules:

Body dysmorphic disorder


 An introduction to mental health legislation in Northern Ireland (Module 1)


GAIN Guidelines: Mental Health (NI) Order 1986 (free modules)

Four new modules have been developed to support the GAIN Guidelines on the use of the Mental Health (Northern Ireland) Order 1986, the legislation governing the care, treatment and protection of persons with a mental disorder in Northern Ireland. Module 1 provides a detailed introduction to the legislation and the principles and additional legislation informing practice. Module 2 covers admission to hospital, Module 3 assessment and treatment, and Module 4 safeguards and rights.


Stimulants: epidemiology and impact on mental health   Stimulants: epidemiology and impact on mental health


Forthcoming modules:

Huntington's disease

Post-traumatic stress disorder

The Mental Health Act (1983): criteria for detention


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