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The CPD Online e-newsletter is now bigger and better! As well as informing you of all the latest modules and podcasts, each edition will now include a Top Tip for making the most of CPD Online, plus an educational feature written by one of our editors. The e-newsletter will now also be posted online.


New Educational feature:

Talk about learning, by Dr Liz Hare

Can you remember where you first heard about Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome (NMS)? I can quite clearly. In the mid-1980s, I was a junior psychiatrist working in a small rural psychiatric hospital. My consultant was a gentle, pragmatic, but endlessly enthusiastic clinician, who to my knowledge inspired a substantial raft of medical students and trainees to follow in his footsteps.

He was in the habit of discussing interesting topics from the journals with whoever was around. He had just read about NMS and listed its clinical features, rejoicing in the new word ‘obtunded’ to describe the affect of patients with this condition.

At the time, I thought the object of the exercise was to make sure I didn’t fail to spot this life-threatening state in his patients. I later worked out that by talking about new developments he not only clearly demonstrated his belief in the importance of keeping up to date but also, by repeating the details to us juniors, was securing the information in his own mind.

So, the next time you do a module or listen to a podcast, don’t keep it to yourself. Let your colleagues in on the news, and remember to tell them you found it in CPD Online.


New – Top Tip:

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Latest CPD Online modules:

Supported accommodation in mental health

This module aims to increase understanding of the value and importance of supported accommodation for people with mental health problems. Potential benefits include enhanced stability and mental health, improved social functioning and greater access to work opportunities.

Probity in professional practice: part 1 

Probity in professional practice

Worried about your relationship with your patients and their carers? Could something you are doing inadvertently damage your reputation or that of the medical profession? Find out how to conduct yourself in a manner that promotes best practice and guards against harm to you or your patients. In Part 2 of this module you can learn about probity in other areas of your practice including research, and relationships with commercial organisations and your colleagues.

The assessment and management of obsessive-compulsive disorder: Part 1 

The assessment and management of obsessive-compulsive disorder
OCD is a prevalent condition, yet the stigma and shame associated with it can be barriers to effective treatment. The first part of this module gives comprehensive advice on the diagnosis and assessment of OCD. In Part 2, learn how to manage and treat this disabling disorder.

Computer-aided cognitive behaviour therapy

Computer-aided cognitive behaviour therapy

Not sure what computer-aided cognitive behaviour therapy (cCBT) is or how it is relevant to you? Discover the pros and cons of a therapy that is increasing in popularity fast. Learn who can benefit from cCBT and how it can be delivered within your own clinical service to enhance practice.

An introduction to cognitive analytic therapy (CAT)

An introduction to cognitive analytic therapy (CAT)

Find out about a really original way of looking at mental health problems, trauma and symptoms that is shown to work for real clients with complex problems.


Forthcoming modules:

Suicides in prison

Hepatitis C and mental illness


Latest CPD Online podcasts:

Involuntary hospital admissions: patients' views

Internet addiction

Supported employment programmes

How mothers with BPD relate to their year-old infants

Autism, ethnicity and maternal immigration


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