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Welcome to the April 2011 eNewsletter for CPD Online, the e-learning resource for mental health professionals provided by the Royal College of Psychiatrists.


Educational feature:

Customised learning, by Dr Liz Hare

My exploration of educational matters developed in part while working as a trainee in addictions. From the literature on motivational interviewing, I discovered that people aren’t concerned about the general health risks from substance use but are interested to hear information personalised on the basis of their family history, current health and lifestyle interest in education.

The feedback from our subscribers is that many of our learners also customise their learning activity, spending extra time on some modules to follow the suggested links and references. Such curiosity-driven activity promotes so-called "deep learning" and has good staying power, as does thinking about how any new ideas might be put quickly into action.

In response, we have modified our downloadable certificates so that you can document such activity.



Our module certificates have a new look! You can now record how long you actually spent completing a module, add notes to explain the time taken, and even detail how much a module might confirm your current practice or suggest avenues of change. We look forward to hearing if you find this new, more customisable, approach useful.


Top tip:

As you can see, we really do listen to what you say. So if you want anything added or changed the best thing you can do is let us know so we can do something about it.


Latest CPD Online modules:

Recognising autism spectrum disorder in children

How confident are you that you could identify autistic behaviours in a child with normal-range intelligence? Watch a series of specially put together video clips and challenge your views. Separate sections on females and school observations are included within the module.


 Inappropriate sexual behaviour in dementia

Inappropriate sexual behaviour in dementia

Inappropriate sexual behaviour in patients with dementia can be extremely distressing - for carers, family members, nursing staff and other patients. Suitable assessment and management are vital and are covered here in detail along with the relevant ethical issues.


Mental health and tribunal law

Mental health and tribunal law: an introduction

This module cuts through the many complexities and challenges of mental health law to help you grasp the main concepts of an area highly relevant to psychiatric practice.


The law of mental health tribunals

The law of mental health tribunals – Section 72 of the Mental Health Act

Would you feel well prepared if brought under the scrutiny of a tribunal? Understand the relevant law, the factors that lead to the tribunal’s decision, and the powers of the tribunal and implications for clinical practice. Undergo a mock tribunal, where you can respond to typical questions and assess some model answers.


Forthcoming modules:

The Mental Health Act 1983 – Safeguards (England)

Psychotropic medication and the heart

Gender dysphoria

Music therapy – introductory module


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