Promoting physical activity in severe mental illness


In daily practice psychiatrists prescribe drugs that can encourage weight gain, but physical activity is often not widely promoted. A widening robust evidence base is proving the benefits of exercise in mental health, so how can we increase mental health professionals’ active involvement in this area? Dr Amit Mistry and Dr Lynne Drummond talk to CPD Online Trainee Editor Dr Jennifer Powell about physical activity guidelines, research, risks and guidance in promoting physical activity in severe mental illness.


Date published: 17 March 2020

Presenter: Dr Jennifer Powell

Interviewees: Dr Amit Mistry and Dr Lynne Drummond

Audio running time: 23 minutes

Credits: 0.5


Learning outcomes


By the end of this podcast, we hope you will have gained an understanding of:


  • the current physical activity guidelines


  • the benefits of physical exercise in people with severe mental illness


  • considerations when advising people to increase their activity levels


  • the role of a psychiatrist in promoting physical activity interventions.



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