Gambling and gaming addiction (RCPsych Congress 2019)


In this podcast, Dr Raj Persaud talks to Dr Henrietta Bowden-Jones prior to her talk on gaming disorder at the 2019 RCPsych Congress. Here she shares her expertise in the behavioural disorders of gambling and gaming addiction, discussing the factors that make people more prone to developing these disorders and the most effective preventions and treatments available.


Date published: 5 August 2019

Presenter: Dr Raj Persaud

Interviewee: Dr Henrietta Bowden-Jones OBE 

Audio running time: 44 minutes

Credits: 0.5


Learning outcomes


By the end of this podcast, we hope you will have gained an understanding of:


  • the nature of behavioural addiction when applied to gambling and gaming


  • the factors that indicate a higher risk of developing a gambling addiction


  • the problems associated with identifying the disorder's prevalence


  • the most effective treatment and prevention strategies that can be applied for gambling and gaming addictions.



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