Where there is no psychiatrist: mental healthcare in Ethiopia


In this podcast, Dr Raj Persaud talks to Ethiopia-based Dr Charlotte Hanlon about how low-income countries cope with delivering mental health services. She discusses how primary healthcare workers are trained to deliver treatment, and considers the links between mental illness and poverty.


Date published: 8 June 2018

Presenter: Dr Raj Persaud

Interviewee: Dr Charlotte Hanlon

Audio running time: 30 minutes

Credits: 0.5


Learning outcomes


By the end of this podcast, we hope you will have gained an understanding of:


  • the practicalities of delivering mental healthcare in low-income countries


  • the ways in which mental illness presents and how it may be handled within communities


  • the role of primary healthcare workers in Ethiopia


  • the links between mental illness and poverty, and how this can be addressed.


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