Maurice Pappworth: the whistle blower


Maurice Pappworth’s 1967 book ‘Human Guinea Pigs’ famously uncovered shockingly unethical practices within the medical establishment, including experimentation on humans. In this podcast, Pappworth’s son-in-law, Sir Anthony Seldon, discusses the life and work of Pappworth and reveals how his late wife Joanna was inspired to write a biography of her father, reassessing the importance of Pappworth’s contribution to today’s medical ethics.


Date published: 3 May 2018

Presenter: Dr Raj Persaud

Interviewee: Sir Anthony Seldon

Audio running time: 20 minutes

Credits: 0.5


Learning outcomes


By the end of this podcast, we hope you will have gained an understanding of:


  • Maurice Pappworth's background and major achievements


  • the unethical practices Pappworth blew the whistle on and how he uncovered them


  • Pappworth's approach as a physician and as a teacher.


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