Buddhism and Stoicism: the secret to happiness?


In this podcast, existential psychotherapist Antonia Macaro talks to Dr Raj Persaud about Buddhist and Stoic philosophies, focusing on the elements that can have the biggest impact on modern life. Discussing the value we place on worldly possessions and the degree to which we concentrate on emotions, she argues that there is a great deal we can learn from these two philosophies, and much that may be better left behind.


Date published: 5 April 2018

Presenter: Dr Raj Persaud

Interviewee: Antonia Macaro

Audio running time: 28 minutes

Credits: 0.5


Learning outcomes


By the end of this podcast, we hope you will have gained an understanding of:


  • some of the key philosophies associated with Buddhism and Stoicism


  • some of the counterarguments that have been put forward


  • how these philosophies can potentially impact on modern living and our ability to cope with difficulties. 


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