Learning in psychiatry using films


In this podcast Dr Joyce Almeida, author of the Minds on Film blog featured on the Royal College of Psychiatrists website, discusses the use of film for teaching and learning psychiatry with Dr Ali Ajaz, providing some examples of films that have explored mental health issues and conditions.


Date published: 1 May 2014

Presenter: Dr Ali Ajaz

Interviewee: Dr Joyce Almeida

Audio running time: 15 minutes

Credits: 0.5


Learning outcomes


By the end of this podcast we hope you will:


  • appreciate the use of film as a powerful medium for teaching and learning psychiatry


  • understand some of the underlying mechanisms of why film is an effective adjunct to real-life clinical experience


  • be aware of some of the dangers of using film for teaching


  • know some examples of films that explore mental health issues.


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Please note: This podcast was recorded in 2014. Please be aware that some of the material covered and/or guidance may have changed.
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