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Time is a limited commodity for all of us and efficiency is something we all need, not least in our professional lives. It is important not to waste it when doing our CPD. Why not let other expert mental health professionals, predominantly psychiatrists who are College members, both clinicians and academics, sift through the vast unsorted literature, then distill the most relevant and reliable findings into easily digested and remembered learning modules that can be absorbed at your desk or on the move, either on a computer or mobile phone?


With the quality mark of the Royal College of Psychiatrists indicating that all the material is has been subjected to rigorous peer review, both for content and educational presentation, and is free of vested interest, you can be assured that your efforts to learn will be well rewarded with knowledge that can be reflected on, as well as new skills to inform and improve your clinical practice. Who knows, maybe your attitudes will be changed as well?


Up to half of your annual CPD requirement can be completed using a selection of our full modules, Quickbites and podcasts, which cover a very large range of topics across all the psychiatric specialties, relevant associated psychology and a variety of associated professional activities.


Evidence of satisfactory completion of each learning event is provided, following a brief summative assessment, through provision of a certificate and there are also opportunities to record reflections or other notes using the 'take-home notes' feature.


We particularly value the feedback of every user on any aspect of CPD Online, including the content and presentation of existing modules, which are regularly revised to ensure continued accuracy and relevance, as well as the provision of ideas for future areas to cover. Your involvement will definitely make a difference!


You can either subscribe as an individual or, if you represent an NHS Trust or other mental health organisation, then institutional subscriptions can be arranged. We also welcome subscribers from all mental health professions, as well as from outside the UK.


We hope you enjoy using CPD Online.


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